#My 2023 [H2] Reading List. Yes……………. I know. Lol.

Richard Allen Afahaene
3 min readJun 29, 2023


#So the year 2023 has been a really daunting one for me, precisely as one transitioned from 2022 into it. Prior to the transition, I didn’t go through my routine of reflecting, praying, planning, and the like. Lol, I didn’t even have a reading list. I wanted to but I didn’t, primarily because I had a slight-ish accident that affected me physically and mentally.

The energy requirement, psychologically, of bringing myself to do much just wasn’t there. So, most part of the year has been on some serious autopilot. Now, the first half [H1] of the year ends pretty soon, and with time has come healing in both areas to a great extent at least. I remain grateful to God for His help and mercy thus far. So, I have decided to pump up the optimism, make the effort and chase some goals! Hence, I’d be sharing my goal for an aspect of my Mental Transformation agenda My 2023 [H2] Reading list.

Lol, now if you followed my 2022 Reading list you may notice a few books from there are repeated here. This is because a few of them weren’t read in that year due to some occurrences some of which you are now aware of.

If you don’t know what I’m referring to, lol, kindly go back to the beginning of this article and read again. Slowly this time, T for Thanks.

So, I have learned from that attempt and I’ve put a better structure to actually help one finish them this time. Also, absolutely worthy of note is that my Bible is on a rolling mode throughout this year and hence not explicitly stated in the list this time. I started reading it on Thursday, June 22nd, 2023 for the second time in my life. I finished it earlier this year, roughly three (3) months past the intended completion period. Nonetheless, completed. I made a tweet about it.🎉

#Absolutely elated! 🎉

And now, I hope you make the effort to join me to #ContendForLight for yourself by chasing out ignorance in H2 of 2023.

There Is Much More That We Don’t Know Than We Do Know. — Ray Dalio

So, happy Light Contending!🎉🚀

Awesome! And now, to my 2023 Reading List:


  1. Deep work — Cal Newport (1)
  2. How to Sell Anything to Anyone — Victor Fatanmi (2)


  1. Everybody Writes — Ann Handley (3)
  2. Think and Grow Rich — Napoleon Hill (4)


  1. Shoe Dog — Phil Knight (5)
  2. Seven (7) Strategies for Wealth & Happiness — Jim Rohn (6)


  1. Single, Married, Separated & Life After Divorce — Dr. Myles Munroe (7)
  2. The Rules of Life — Richard Templar (8)


  1. The Rules of Work — Richard Templar (9)
  2. Economics, Banking & Finance in Emerging Markets — Dr. Ola Brown (10)


  1. Waiting & Dating — Dr. Myles Munroe (11)
  2. Experiencing the Presence of God — A.W Tozer (12)



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