A Summary of My Strengths — Richard Afahaene.

Richard Allen Afahaene
3 min readJul 16, 2023

#Hi there, I’m AAR (Afahaene Allen Richard), and there are four (4) things you should know about me (among others) — four (4) key strengths that cut across everything I do, and can do.

1. Communication 💬

I remember like it was yesterday — the final presentation of my internship at Shell. You could have heard a pin drop. I had caught the attention of the physical audience in Port Harcourt as well as those connected virtually from Lagos. No one could move.

It ended with applause that confirmed how deeply they had traveled with me. I can communicate for impact and influence decisions. And to hone this ability further, I recently joined Oil City Speakers’ Club (the PH arm of Toastmasters’ International).

2. Leadership & StrategicOrganization 🗄️

Most of my ability to lead and plan was honed during my undergraduate days while serving at The Redeemed Christian Fellowship, FUTO Chapter (RCFFUTO). I transitioned from membership to being a worker and eventually an executive.

As Publicity Secretary, we crafted and executed campaigns for different programs on campus. I remember the publicity of one of our mega outdoor programs being largely regarded as unprecedented, as we set the standard for a lot of religious organizations on campus at the time.

I was also privileged to serve as the Lead for the Kings (Males) of the organization as The Brother’s Coordinator and together with an amazing team, organized impactful meetings from KBBM (Kings Business Breakfast Meeting) to KingsNQueens Weekend, amongst others.

3. EmotionalIntelligence 🥺

This comes so naturally to me that my friend, Samuel Frank, FMVA®, who leads the Financial Fitness Clinic team (building something amazing in the financial literacy space), says I should start a program to teach others or build something around it. I occasionally laugh it away.

The ability to perceive emotions has helped in managing both myself and others, to preserve relationships, and build new networks, I view this as an important superpower. And I continue to develop it.

4. Design 🧑‍🎨

I have been drawing since I was a little kid. At some point, my mum took me to an artist’s shop to learn. Eventually, I found #GraphicDesign during my undergrad and then, #Product (UI/UX) Design. Here, my #3 strength helps me pay deep attention to users.

I’ve interned in a couple of places as I continue to hone this skill. Engaging the #designthinking #methodology to approach and solve problems has proven effective and powerful in UX. Consequently, I am curious about other real-life applications of it.

I have just concluded my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), and I immersed myself so much to make an impact. You can check out My NYSC WrapUp Video here: bit.ly/NYSCWrapUpVideo

Summarily, I’m #OpenToOpportunities that can maximize and develop my key strengths — Communication + Leadership + Emotional Intelligence + Design (💬 + 🗄️ + 🥺 + 🧑‍🎨). I look forward to contributing to the growth of a forward-thinking organization or individual.



Richard Allen Afahaene

Product Designer(UI/UX) | Creative Generalist. I was designed to succeed.